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Meet Data Hire. We are a data-driven Talent Portfolio Management firm pioneering the future of how employers and their people meet. We recognize the importance of the human touch in our technologically-advanced world.
Data Hire optimizes your company’s biggest asset: people.


We dig deep into data for insights

Data Hire’s Talent Analytics provide employers with predictive analytics to make the best decisions on who to hire, promote, and nurture, how to evaluate, and where to invest.

But we do it with a human touch

We have a lot of respect for your talent. They’re smart, savvy, and constantly evolving. It’s our job to help companies keep in step and evolve with them.

Reframing People Management

In recent years, hiring has become more scientific thanks to the data revolution. Yet when it comes to putting the right people on your team, simple number crunching doesn’t cut it. We combine predictive analytics with human knowledge because we know no one understands your business or your team like you do. We’re simply here to help you optimize your people.

Get the Most Value From Your Talent

At Data Hire, we find, onboard, map, and retain to accelerate time to value for individuals and teams. We empower employers to make the best investments by building Talent Portfolios that support long term goals and company values. Our mission is to help you maximize your assets by selecting and retaining the right people for the job.

Employee Lifecycle Reimagined

Data Hire’s unique Talent Portfolio technology helps predict who will add the most long term value to your company over time. We work with you to map the traits and skills best suited for optimum performance. You provide the insight and we’ll provide the data. It’s simple—human technology working together to help you feel confident you’ve got the right people on your team.

Recruit Talent for Team Performance

Team dynamics are important. That’s why we help companies see and compare talent across the organization. With Data Hire’s unique Talent Comparison Grid (TCG), employers get a picture of where each individual fits best and with whom they might work best with. Our portfolio of talent and career mapping capabilities help employers make informed decisions when it comes to assembling the best team for the job.
We’ve got your back.

& Beyond

We know no one knows your people better than you. Our portfolio management approach helps give you insight into recruiting, modeling, and building talent so you can make the most informed decisions. We take the guessing game out of the hiring and management process, giving you the confidence you need to manage your talent. At Data Hire, we empower employers to increase employee satisfaction, creating lower turnover rates, higher retention, and less costs for you.

Discover the right talent with Data Hire’s unique Talent Portfolio system. We use predictive models based on hundreds of data points unique to your business and culture. We help account for both internal and external factors, cutting the hiring process in half, saving you time and resources.

Evaluate the talent combination needed for a profitable portfolio. We help score each candidate against job models, likelihood for culture fit and long term success. Align your recruiting process to match your business needs and impact goals.

Invest in the right talent to accelerate time to value. Our model helps inform what talent generates the most value and predicts which behaviors lead to company turnover.

Our Method

At Data Hire, we use science to transform the way people and companies connect. We know talent trends are shifting as Artificial Intelligence continues to shape the way we use and interpret data. Hiring processes are quickly shifting as diversity and inclusion policies take center stage and companies utilize new interviewing techniques.

As AI capabilities increase, we know nothing compares to the human touch when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent. The truth is, your future employees are the same before and after hire, and it’s our job to help you find their best fit. Our approach combines hard data with human intelligence as we work to create unique Talent Portfolios designed to help you build the best team for your business. Consider us your partner and biggest advocate when it comes to talent investment.

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